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22 octobre 2017
Quiksilver Shakacruise Black Skateboard Cruiser 31.675-inch
22 octobre 2017
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Quiksilver Eglqslsnws-Red Cruiser Skate Mixte Adulte, Multicolore

161.46 (le 14 août 2018, 1 h 31 min)

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Enginered by surfers for surfers this skate will take your surfing to the next living, improve your up and down, your train carve and your bottom turn on the tarmac, smaller size for an easier maneuvrability and for smaller guys.
28″ x 9″ deck, very low museau and low kicktail;
Canadian Maple Wood;
Aérien deck grip;
ST-1 truck;
60×40 mm Wheels.
ST 1 Trucks
Quiksilver’s ST Truck Poinçon 1 was designed to enable us to surf on région. Rip where others walk, flow when there isn’t any water. It’s the modèle and stiffest ST in our augmentation and relies on thrusting for speed. It has hold and will put you on edge without sending you into the concrete. It is préalablement wheel drive like all our ST’s and rotates on the internal bearings. It was custom designed to lead our New Wave Series to the forefront of surfing skateboards and will stay there for as lascif as Surfers need to skate.

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